Like a Glove

Like a Glove

As the economy continues to recover, some people have used these difficult times as an opportunity to start their own businesses.

Michele Stull is one such example. Originally from Tennessee, Stull married and moved to Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last, which left the newly single mother of two with some choices to make. After some soul searching, Stull decided to stay in Wisconsin and get into a career in real estate. She enjoyed the business very much, but with the housing market still in a slow recovery, Stull knew that she had to do something in addition.

“I love working with people and developing relationships,” Stull says. “But with two children to raise, I needed to do more. So I started looking at other ways to generate income while still doing what I love.”

After researching different industries online, Stull decided that the cleaning business was not only the right fit, it was also a way to leverage her relationships and contacts
that she made in real estate.

Thus was born Michele’s White Glove Cleaning Inc. Stull began doing mostly residential cleaning jobs, gaining referrals by word of mouth. She developed a reputation for being thorough as well as easy to work with.

One day, a great opportunity came her way. Stull received a referral from a friend to do a commercial property. After several successful months, Stull was presented with even more commercial cleaning opportunities.

Today, Stull works with day care facilities and dental offices, and still does some residential work. She has two part-time employees and is looking to grow, and has even helped a few of her friends start their own businesses. 

Stull says that customer service is the key to her success. “I am a people pleaser type of person,” she says. “I am very hands-on, and I’m at every job site to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work. I enjoy getting up early every day and doing what I do.”

As for life-work balance, both Stull and her children are happy.

“My hours are flexible enough so I can spend quality time with the kids, and that’s the best feeling of all.”

Derrell Connor hosts “Outreach” on NewsTalk 1310 WIBA, pens a column for Channel 3000 and freelances for Madison Magazine.

Photo by Lesia Witkowsky