Lihrman takes road less traveled

Shatters throwing records at UW
Lihrman takes road less traveled

Michael Lihrman doesn’t have many peers in the world of track and field. Lihrman has shattered the NCAA Division One record for the indoor weight throw, and the UW record for the hammer throw, but Lihrman’s path to Madison has been even more extraordinary. 

As a kid, his parents owned a motel, which the family lived in for the duration of his childhood. As Lirhman got older, he got bigger, and describes his former self as an “overweight kid.”

As Lihrman got into high school, he began to lose weight. In fact, he lost a total of 80 pounds. As a junior, Lihrman joined the track team, where he began his throwing career. 

After high school, Lihrman went to UW-Stout with dreams of getting a degree and taking over the family business. He joined Blue Devils track and field. 

From there, Lihrman buckled down, got private coaching sessions, and became a force. For his efforts, he was invited to come to UW. Since then, he has dominated. 

Next year, Lihrman hopes to break the world record in the weight throw. His ultimate goal is to one day throw in the Olympics.