Lights On Lodi supporting small businesses this holiday season

LODI, Wis. — A campaign in Lodi is aiming to support locally owned businesses this holiday season.

Organizers of Lights On Lodi said they wanted to find ways to get the city up and running this fall and winter.

They are trying to bring shoppers to Lodi and help keep their lights on in their local businesses.

“Local businesses are the lifeline of our community,” said Tegan Counihan, the owner of the Main Street Market Piggly Wiggly.

The new campaign comes after what organizers said has been a difficult stretch during the pandemic.

“This spring was really hard on our small businesses,” Counihan said. “It’s really a story and really a trial of perseverance for them, and for them to be able to have our support and sort of back, is kind of what we’re aiming at.”

Lodi’s small businesses will be open additional hours over the coming weeks, including on the weekends.