Safe at Home Challenge

News 3 Now This Morning is issuing a daily challenge that families can do while they’re staying home.

Send in pictures of your results, and we’ll name a winner the next morning! Winners will get a free gift card to a local business to help support them during this difficult time.

Your challenge for Tuesday, April 7th: Draw a picture of the first thing you’ll do once social distancing is over!

Check out the photos that have been submitted for previous challenges!

March 24th: Build your best pillow/blanket fort
March 25th: Create something out of recycled materials
March 26th: Build something from items found in your backyard
March 27th: Rube Goldberg machine
March 30th: Sidewalk art
March 31st: Self portrait
April 1st: April Fool’s Day/Wacky Wednesday outfit
April 2nd: Work From Home spaces
April 3rd: “Staying In” Homemade Dinner Night
April 6th: Family Game Night

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