‘Life is a playground’- Attic Angel Association celebrates 130 years of caring for Madison

‘Life is a playground’- Attic Angel Association celebrates 130 years of caring for Madison
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One of Madison’s historic philanthropic organizations, Attic Angel Association, celebrated its 130th birthday with the community it helped build.

Attic Angel Association, an all-women organization, was founded in 1889 and helped build key parts of Madison, including the city’s first hospital. The organization has a focus on helping the elderly and children.

“Attic Angel has gone back 130 years and really made a big impact on this city through many hearts and many hands coming together to make a difference,” Attic Angel Association Outreach Coordinator Kelly Cheramy said.

The organization’s annual focus is on helping children in high-stress or traumatic environments. The birthday celebration doubles as a fundraiser and will give donations to The Playing Field, an early childhood program for families from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

“Our name, The Playing Field, actually kind of has two meanings. Obviously, we want to level the playing field, but also, we are committed to the rights of children to play,” The Playing Field Executive Director Abbi Kruse said.

The donations will help rebuild and expand The Playing Field’s playground, which was ruined by water damage, according to Kruse.

“Play is important for all children, but it is especially important for children from high-stress, high-poverty situations because they are often denied those opportunities,” Kruse said.

Attic Angel’s birthday was a celebration of the past, present and future accomplishments of the organization.

“This organization for 130 years was able to look at what are the needs of the community, and then let’s create some programs and services to meet those things,” Attic Angel Association President Mary Ann Drescher said.

Donations can be made online and will be entered for a chance to win a year of free ice cream from Madison’s Chocolate Shoppe.

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