Letters from Curly Lambeau up for auction

80-year-old former Packers cheerleader wants fans to have chance to own history
Letters from Curly Lambeau up for auction

An 80-year-old former Green Bay cheerleader wants football fans to have a chance to own a piece of Packers history.

Mary Jane Sorgel has put up for auction 24 handwritten letters to her from late Packers coach Curly Lambeau, who had hoped to marry her before he died of a heart attack while mowing her father’s lawn in 1965.

The Sturgeon Bay woman tells Press-Gazette Media she used to have more letters from Lambeau, but misplaced or lost them over the years. She didn’t want the same to happen with these 24.

Each is worth an estimated $1,000, although some could go for more or less. One of particular interest is a letter in which Lambeau mentions a conversation he had with Vince Lombardi about the upcoming 1965 season.