Let’s End Uncertainty

"Uncertainty" is beginning to sound like an excuse.
Let’s End Uncertainty




The polls had barely closed before a New York Times columnist sent out an analysis piece starting with the sentence, “Here comes more uncertainty.”
We understand his premise. But here’s our question: exactly how much longer are we going to be uncertain? We have been uncertain – and thus in a constant state of gridlock – for (pick your number,) two, three, four years now? It’s beginning to sound like an excuse.

What are we uncertain about? Health care? The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. It works. People voted for it. They like it. Smart lawmakers will work to reign in costs. Taxes? The economy is improving; invest, make more money. Force lawmakers to stop their posturing by ignoring them. Uncertainty comes from believing a dysfunctional, ineffective Congress that deserves our skepticism and nothing more. We’re uncertain because we choose to be. And we can choose otherwise.