“LET KIDS PLAY”: Rally opposes bills barring trans youth from gender-affirming sports teams

Trans Lives Matter banner

MADISON, Wis. — A rally at the state capitol today brought focus to an issue that goes beyond any field, gym, or track.

Dozens of people gathered in protest as Wisconsin legislators voted on bills that would ban trans student-athletes in middle, high school, and state colleges from playing sports with the gender they identify as.

The Let Kids Play Wisconsin Coalition helped organize the rally, and member Amira Pierotti says that regardless of what lawmakers do, the Coalition will continue their support of gender non-conforming youth.

“We’re gonna keep working,” said Pierotti. ” We need to put more funding and put more support towards trans and BIPOC-led LGBTQ+ organizations and enact legislation that would actively protect us.”

Hours before the rally, the Wisconsin LGBTQ+ Caucus announced their Equality Package, which would provide protection against gender-identity-based discrimination and include a task force to look further into obstacles faced by gender non-conforming people in the state.

Pierotti expressed optimism for the package, calling it “amazing.” However, with or without current protective legislation, they say that these rallies are support systems within themselves.

“We have each other’s back,” said Pierotti. “We’re going to keep fighting.”