Let it snow: Skiers, snowboarders celebrate long-overdue snowfall

Let it snow: Skiers, snowboarders celebrate long-overdue snowfall

An unseasonably warm start to this winter has meant cutbacks at Tyrol Basin, with only one run open since the ski hill started making snow last month.

So when General Manager Josh Faber heard a snowstorm was on the way, it was cause for celebration. 

“It’s almost like winter has finally arrived,” Faber said. “This is going to be a huge jump start.”

Colder temperatures mean Tyrol Basin can make snow all this week and Faber hopes to open all of the hill’s runs by Sunday.

“Natural snow always really helps everything,” Faber said. “And when snow hits people’s backyards it really reminds them ‘Hey, let’s go skiing.'”

The hill is also home to a ski team which practices several times a week. After months of warm weather, the athletes are overjoyed that grass is no longer visible under the few inches of man-made snow that stuck.

Tyrol Basin Ski Team member Gus Powers has been looking forward to the storm for almost a week, and says the middle of a snowstorm is the best time to hit the slopes. 

“The snow they make with the machines is more like small pieces of ice,” Powers said. “The ice is more slippery, and it hurts more when you fall, but the natural snow is more smooth and more fun.”

After the snowfall Monday Tyrol Basin is expecting an increase in customers, which should continue through the month of January.