Legislators want to send drunken driving message

Legislators say 3 drunken driving bills designed to send message
Legislators want to send drunken driving message

Two Republican lawmakers pushing to toughen Wisconsin’s notoriously weak drunken driving penalties say it’s long past time to take action to deter repeat offenders.

Rep. Jim Ott and Sen. Alberta Darling outlined three bills they’ve written during a public hearing in front of the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Thursday. One would make third and fourth offense felonies. The second would increase penalties for injuring someone in a drunken driving accident. The third would impose a mandatory 10-year prison sentence on anyone who kills someone while driving drunk.

Ott and Darling say something must be done to force repeat offenders to take their actions seriously. They say their bills would balance justice in favor of drunken driving victims.

The committee wasn’t expected to take any action on the measures.