Legislators claim $775,000 in expenses in 2012

Fitzgerald leads all lawmakers with $14,600 in claims
Legislators claim $775,000 in expenses in 2012

Wisconsin taxpayers paid nearly $775,000 for state lawmakers’ daily expenses in 2012.

Newly-released per diem records show 96 Assembly members claimed about $546,000 last year, while the 36 senators claimed more than $228,000.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald led all 132 legislators with about $14,600 in expense claims. The second highest was Republican Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder, who received about $13,000.

Lawmakers who live in Dane County can claim $44 a day to cover food and lodging expenses beyond their annual salaries. Those outside the county can claim $88 a day.

The State Journal said that on average, Democratic legislators claimed more per diem expenses than their Republican colleagues.