Legalizing CBD oil was positive, responsible, humane

Legalizing CBD oil was positive, responsible, humane
CBD oil

The 31 to 1 vote by the Wisconsin State Senate in support of legalizing a marijuana extract to treat children with seizure disorders is a positive, responsible and humane step in lessening pain and suffering. But it’s a very small step. And so much more could be done.

We strongly support the Compassionate Cannabis Care Act that would expand access to medical marijuana as part of comprehensive health care for people with serious illnesses.

Research and growing public sentiment agree that medical marijuana works in alleviating debilitating pain. We we’re deeply moved by the testimony of Dr. David Olive, who asked for the option of medical marijuana for the patients he treats and for the stage four cancer with which he now lives. How could any caring person say no?

We support a referendum on the issue if necessary. But it really shouldn’t come to that.