Legalization starts with hemp in Wisconsin

In November, Wisconsin legalized hemp farming
Legalization starts with hemp in Wisconsin
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In late November, Gov. Scott Walker signed into law a bill allowing a pilot program for the cultivation of industrial hemp, making Wisconsin at least the 34th state to legalize hemp farming. In the Midwest, that includes Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

While Iowa farmers can’t yet grow hemp, Iowans are allowed to possess small amounts of CBD oil made from hemp grown in neighboring states. As of 2017, Indiana residents could treat epileptic conditions with CBD oil.

Medical marijuana remains otherwise unavailable to Hoosiers and Cornhuskers (Iowa is looking to roll out a limited medical marijuana program in 2019), as it is also currently denied to Badgers. Medical marijuana programs do exist in Michigan (as of 2008), Illinois (2013) and Minnesota (2014).Legalization starts with hemp in Wisconsin

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