Lee Weiss’s Legacy in Watercolor

Lee Weiss’s Legacy in Watercolor
"Sea Grass & Shadows" by Lee Weiss, on display at Fanny Garver Gallery. See more images in the slideshow below.

When Lee Weiss retired from painting, she ended a vibrant career that saw her watercolors of natural scenes make their way into museums and private collections across the country and world.

But the Madison-based artist, now in her eighties, has also enjoyed a strong following in her hometown, particularly at Fanny Garver Gallery, which has carried her work since opening in 1972.

Owner Jack Garver says he’s going to miss working with Weiss. “She just had such a following,” he says. “She’s become a household name in Madison.”

The gallery is celebrating Weiss’s career with a Legacy Show, running through December 4. It includes work already at the gallery, as well as some previously unseen pieces from Weiss’s personal collection.

Displayed over two floors of the gallery, the watercolors offer beautifully atmospheric scenes of nature that Weiss created from the late 1990s through 2012. Whether depicting flowing grasses, water gushing over rocks or pebbles beneath a stream, Weiss’s work is filled with texture and movement.

The gallery notes that Weiss is known for picking up on the spiritual qualities of nature and quotes the artist as saying, “If I can’t find some mystery, something that moves me, then I have just done an illustration, not a painting.”

Lee Weiss: Legacy Show runs through December 4 at Fanny Garver Gallery. For more information, visit fannygarvergallery.com.