Leah’s Journal: Parenting and working from home? We rounded up free online learning tools for you.

Schools Closed

MADISON, Wis. — Hi folks, Leah Linscheid here. I’m on Day 4 of working from home, and even without kids, I know – routine is king.

If you’re trying to balance your workload from the living room with the added responsibility of homeschooling the kids, we rounded up all the free online resources we could find – from schedule templates to educational videos and other tools. Find a list of those options at the bottom of this story.

We also have some suggestions when it comes to parenting and working from home (while trying to stay sane):

Covid 19 Daily Schedule

Pick a schedule and stick to it. Kids work well with routine, and we do, too. Try to schedule out your day at home like a workday or a schoolday.

Divide and conquer. If you have a partner at home with you, consider alternating shifts working and parenting to make things a little easier. If splitting time isn’t an option, maybe you divvy up chores instead.

Take advantage of creative time. This is something the kids would be doing at school, anyway – whether it’s coloring, playing with play-dough, listening to or creating their own music. Don’t be afraid to implement screen time, too.

Communicate realistic expectations. Start with your coworkers – be upfront about your restrictions while working from home and parenting. Be honest with your kids, and with yourself, too – give your family a break when things go haywire. This is an unprecedented time.


Home school schedule template

List of educational companies offering free subscriptions

Crowd-sourced list of educational resources

Disneynature videos with accompanying workbooks

Educational videos: Great Lakes Science Center

Do you have suggestions for fellow parents on free resources, or is your company offering tools that could be of assistance? Please email me at llinscheid@wisctv.com to add to the list!