League of Women Voters tackles gerrymandering, voter security at 100 year event

JANESVILLE, Wis – The Janesville and Beloit League of Women Voters met Saturday afternoon for a 100 year anniversary luncheon event.

The event, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, brought in leaders from throughout the Rock County community.

President Linda Reinhardt says it’s only appropriate the event fell in an election year.

“Our big emphasis is on voter education and registration,” she said. “We’re working hard to register voters for the upcoming elections in the spring and in the fall.”

Reinhardt spoke during the event on the importance of Wisconsin’s districting and zoning. Those in attendance wrote their lawmakers regarding the issue.

“We work together, and we want to build coalitions with other groups that are non partisan but are working for good public policy,” she said.

Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe spoke at the event on the topic of voter security.

“It’s a really busy calendar year,” she said. “Making sure that clerks have the resources and the time to do their job well is really the biggest challenge.”

Wolfe said that while the Iowa Caucus proved to create a number of issues, those same issues shouldn’t happen in Wisconsin.

“A huge distinction that should make Wisconsin voters feel really good about our process is only election professionals run our process,” she said. “In iowa, that’s actually a process run by the party.”