Leaders right to focus on future of passenger rail

All Aboard Wisconsin keeping vision on track
Leaders right to focus on future of passenger rail

Someday, Scott Walker will no longer be Governor of Wisconsin, and we expect that very soon after that the state will once again be back in the business of preparing for a future that has already arrived in many states, a future that includes high speed passenger rail.

But because not preparing for that future is almost as irresponsible as Governor Walker’s dismissal of it, we are pleased to see substantive discussions of rail service taking place now.

This week, All Aboard Wisconsin initiated conversations aimed at laying the foundation for eventual rail service from Chicago to Madison.

To be sure, these are fledgling, first steps aimed at making sure passenger rail operations remain viable. They’re a long way from the Chicago to Minneapolis, economic development boosting, high speed line Walker killed for personal political reasons.

But we applaud state leaders, especially Madison Alderman Scott Resnick and Madison business leaders, for taking the responsible steps of planning for a future the great majority of us know is coming.