Lawmakers to reintroduce bill in wake of shooting

Bill previously introduced in 2009
Lawmakers to reintroduce bill in wake of shooting

Democratic state lawmakers plan to reintroduce a bill designed to take guns away from perpetrators of domestic violence.

The call to pass the proposal comes in response to a shooting Sunday in a spa near Milwaukee in which authorities said Radcliffe Franklin Haughton killed his wife and two others before killing himself.

A judge issued a restraining order against Haughton on Thursday and prohibited him from owning a firearm.

Democratic state Sen. Lena Taylor said there are inconsistent standards across the state for the collection of weapons. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department has not responded to messages left asking whether Haughton surrendered any weapons as ordered.

Under the bill previously introduced in 2009, those ordered to turn over their weapons would have to comply within 48 hours or face arrest.