Lawmakers need to do better job supporting our kids

Lawmakers need to do better job supporting our kids

We’re reviewing our editorial agenda for the year this week and our criminal justice reform agenda issue is in an especially timely phase.

When our editorial board met with Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne at the beginning of the year to talk about his strategic intervention and prevention programs he made a rather startling statement. He said government should more fully fund birth-to-three programs even if it came at the expense of more funds for the DA’s office.

It’s actually easy to understand Ozanne’s reasoning. If we’d do a better job as a society of supporting our kids, keeping them safe and healthy, ready to be successful at school, there’d be a lot less need at the other end when kids who don’t get that support end up in the criminal justice system.

Madison police Chief Mike Koval said essentially the same thing on For The Record recently: it’s all about the kids.

Now, is anyone working on the state or federal budgets listening?