Law enforcement encourages installation of home video security system to aid in investigations

Law enforcement encourages installation of home video security system to aid in investigations

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office wants to use your home surveillance video to help them with future investigations.

Sheriff Dave Mahoney said his office currently partners with RING, the popular doorbell home security system, to use homeowners video to solve crimes. Mahoney said RING users who are also members of RING Neighborhood sign up to have their video uploaded into a system that automatically stores home video recordings that police can later request to use within a 90-day period to aid in investigations. However, it is entirely up to the homeowner to allow law enforcement to use the video.

“All those subscribers can release their data to law enforcement in hopes of helping solve a crime,” Mahoney said. “So really, our intent behind partnering with RING Neighborhood is to partner with the community to solve crimes and prevent crimes.”

The RING doorbell is currently about $200 on Amazon. But Mahoney said any home surveillance system works to protect you and others.

Mahoney added that the recent RING app helped a Tennessee couple notify law enforcement that an escaped and dangerous inmate was running through their neighborhood. Police were able to capture him within 30 minutes of being notified. Mahoney said this type of technology could help those living in Dane County do the same.

“At the end of the day, it’s about solving crimes that have been committed and though the knowledge of this technology, hopefully preventing future crimes from occurring,” Mahoney said. “If the bad guys know this type of technology has aided law enforcement in solving crimes, it may prevent them from committing their crimes in the first place.”

RING has partnered with law enforcement agencies all over the country to aid in investigations and help keep community members safe.

“It’s another tool to assist in identifying suspects and solving crimes and bringing resolution to victims of crime,” Mahoney said.

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