Late Winter Market sees fewer visitors than first week, makes parking accommodations


MADISON Wis. — The Dane County Farmers Market had fewer visitors Saturday morning than it did last week, but event organizers said this hasn’t affected vendor sales.

“I think last week a lot of people came that just wanted to see what it was all about, but maybe they weren’t shoppers, but a lot of our shoppers have returned. If you walk around you’ll see some folks have already sold out,” said Sarah Elliott, the Marketing Manager for the Dane County Farmers Market. 

While Saturday morning saw less attendees than the week prior, organizers have still made changes to help avoid the 45-minute traffic jams shoppers experienced last week.

To help facilitate the traffic flow, event workers at the Garver Feed Mill could be seen holding signs, indicating when the lot was full and directing drivers accordingly. 

Elliot said attendees are encouraged to park in the neighboring lots of local businesses, who have volunteered their space.

She also encouraged visitors to consider alternative means of transportation, like walking or taking the route seven bus. 

“We definitely want to continue to thank the community for showing up and for you know, coming to the farmers market and also for being patient with us, as we work out some of the kinks with parking and traffic,” Elliott said.

This is the first year the Dane County Winter Farmers Market is being held at Garver Feed Mill.

The new space has drawn in attendees like Nicholas Wootton and his wife, who are regular attendees of the Market on the Square in the summer. Wootton said the space brings a degree of personality and panache to Madison.

“It looks exactly like markets that we saw in Italy, when we were traveling there.” Wootton added,“I like the lighting and the exposed iron bars, and the bricks and everything. It’s just a beautiful place to have a market.”

The farmer’s market will continue every Saturday morning until April 4.