Landscapers not happy with dry weather

Many companies have had to lay off workers
Landscapers not happy with dry weather

Things have greened up fairly nicely with the recent rains. But local landscaping companies warn they’re not out of the woods quite yet,.

The hot, dry weather has cut back on their work, and put jobs in jeopardy.

A few weeks ago, things didn’t look so good.

“We definitely need more rain,” said Ryan Doescher, vice president of Olson Toon Lanscaping.

Doescher is normally behind a desk and drafting estimates, but he has found himself out in the field much more.

“We’ve had a lot of guys laid off , so I’m kinda out in the field catching up with production,” said Doescher. “We’ve started to bring some folks back, some people are kind of on standby, and it’s kind of week to week with a lot of the guys.”

But are we out of the woods quite yet? Doescher doesn’t think so.

Landscapers not happy with dry weather

“I think August is typically the hottest historically.  So, it’s going to kind of depend on the next couple of weeks.”

Doescher tells residents to keep watering, especially now that some grass has started growing back. Now, he hopes some business will grow back as well.

“Hopefully the rain will allow us to keep working and hopefully the heat and the drought has discouraged people from doing work in the fall,” said Doescher.

Fall is also a big concern for Doescher. He said he’s worried the dry and heat will discourage some from doing big plantings in the fall, which is typically one of their busiest times of the year for planting.