Landowners fight effort to take land for Foxconn

Landowners fight effort to take land for Foxconn

A dozen homeowners living near the Wisconsin site for a massive Foxconn Technology Group complex are going to court to try to stop efforts to forcibly take their land.

The property owners say the community where the plant is to be located is violating their constitutional rights by incorrectly using eminent domain to take their homes. Eminent domain allows the government to take private property for public use with compensation.

WTMJ-TV reports the homeowners’ attorney, Erik Olsen, says the Village of Mount Pleasant claims it’s taking the land for public projects, such as roads and utilities. But Olsen says Taiwan-based Foxconn ultimately benefits.

The village’s attorney, Alan Marcuvitz, says the lawsuit won’t stop the project. Eighteen acres the village is acquiring for the Foxconn complex belong to the landowners.