Landlord takes precautions to protect pipes

Owner contacts students away on break to check apartments
Landlord takes precautions to protect pipes

The cold weather can certainly freeze up the pipes, especially if no one is home to turn up the heat.

At Tallard Apartments in Madison, landlords actually contacted students gone for winter breaking asking for permission to go inside apartments and homes to make sure thermostats were set at appropriate levels.

One pipe did burst, but it wasn’t the tenant’s fault.

With these extremely cold temperatures, more problems could pop up when it warms up this weekend.

“When it gets real cold like this and stays cold, if a pipe freezes and bursts, it just stays there. But when the temperature comes back up, or when they come home and raise the thermostat back up, that ice turns back to water and that’s when we have the issues,” Tallard Apartments co-owner Peter Lemberger said.

Tallard’s lease states tenants cannot turn their thermostats below 60 degrees.