Lake Delton hotel evacuated after carbon monoxide leak

9 hospitalized for CO poisoning
Lake Delton hotel evacuated after carbon monoxide leak
The Travel Lodge Hotel on Munroe Avenue in Lake Delton

Josh Gresl and his 9-year-old traveling companion Abby Kastner packed up after a getaway in Lake Delton.

The trip could have been described as a nightmare. But that would imply that the two had gotten any sleep.

“At 12:40 a.m., we get a pound on the door from the firemen,” said Gresl about his stay at the Travelodge.

The hotel was evacuated a little after midnight Saturday morning when a carbon monoxide leak was discovered.

“I was tired, and I didn’t feel really good, because I was really scared,” 9-year-old Abby said.

Gresl, Kastner and other Travelodge guests were evacuated from the hotel and spent several hours in the parking lot as police and firemen investigated.

“Everybody’s just waiting out in the parking lot, they had no shoes on, they were all out in their pajamas, and it took a few hours to figure out what we were going to do,” Gresl said.

Nine people were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at St. Clare Hospital in Baraboo, and three of them were transported to St. Luke’s in Milwaukee for further care.


Police believe the incident stemmed from a leak in the pool furnace. The hotel has closed its doors as officers continue to investigate the incident.

“We just want to do a thorough examination and make sure something like this never happens again,” Lake Delton Police Chief Darren Jorgenson said.

But for Abby and Josh, one nightmare experience might be enough to stop them from returning.

“There are tons of other hotels in the Dells, lots to choose from, so this doesn’t leave a good feeling about the Travel Lodge,” said Josh.   

Josh said he’s expecting some sort of reimbursement from the hotel, but those details haven’t yet been finalized.

The Travel Lodge plans to reopen on Monday at the earliest.