Lack of wind delays sailing competition

MADISON, Wis. — A Lake Mendota sailing competition was postponed Friday afternoon due to a lack of wind.

43 Teams of Inland Lakes Yachting Association competitive sailors spent Friday morning gearing up for a big race only to be told to come back the following day.

“[I’m] a little bummed out honestly,” said local competitor Alec Bishoff. “We got here, like at 7 am, to get the boat all put together and there’s no wind.” 

The ILYA Regatta is drawing in participants from all over the Midwest which race co-chair Darby Sugar said makes the event more competitive.

“We have some Olympic racers in the fleet so, it’s always a little bit nerve racking to get out there and sail with them,” she said.

Competitor Sam Andreski said the key to a good race is good communication and teamwork.

“Trust is absolutely huge, if you don’t have trust on the boat then you might as well not even race,” he added.

Organizers of the Regatta said they had plans to run 8 races over the course of the weekend; at least three are necessary to call the race a regatta.

Saturday’s race course will be determined closer to the start of the event which is currently set to begin at 10:30am Saturday contingent on the weather. 

Each race is one mile long and lasts about an hour.