La Michoacana makes tasty summer treats

The shop serves more than 60 flavors

Armida Ramos and Liliana Valerio were introduced to the restaurant business by their mother. They helped run their mother’s restaurant in their home of Durango, Mexico. Ramos recalls how, at age 11 or 12, she and her sisters cooked alongside their mother and learned how to be creative in the kitchen. At age 15, Ramos moved to the U.S. with her parents and six siblings. After establishing herself in Madison, Ramos was inspired by the Latino community to bring to Madison something it had been missing: a Mexican ice cream parlor. With the support of her sister Valerio, Ramos brought the idea to life and La Michoacana was born.

Today, La Michoacana Homemade Ice Cream serves more than 60 different flavors of ice cream and ice cream popsicles. To make ice cream popsicles, staff members cook and blend mixtures of fresh fruit with either a dairy or water base and then freeze them in bar-like molds. Lining a large open freezer box, the individually wrapped bars stacked one on top of the other offer a dizzying selection of rainbow colors. Ramos suggests that newcomers try something different, like rice with milk, chamoy or piñon. But don’t be afraid to take a risk. “You can also ask for a sample of the ice cream before you buy the ice cream popsicle, too,” Ramos says.

With two locations – one on Odana Road and another off East Washington Avenue – Ramos and Valero hope to continue opening stores around Wisconsin to meet the business’s growing popularity. La Michoacana also offers a variety of yogurts, natural juices, aguas frescas, chicharrón, corn and other traditional Mexican snacks.

Eggnog with Raisins
Raisins peek out of this tasty blend of eggnog, milk and vanilla extract.La Michoacana makes tasty summer treats

Branch out from your usual order and get this sweet frozen milk and piñon bar.La Michoacana makes tasty summer treats

A zesty ice cream popsicle with a water-based mixture of lime juice and sugar.La Michoacana makes tasty summer treats

Crushed bits of Oreo cookie cover the blend of cream and sugar.La Michoacana makes tasty summer treats

Mango and Chamoy
A spicy and sweet frozen blend of mango containing pieces of diced mango with drizzles of chamoy, a Mexican condiment. La Michoacana makes tasty summer treats

Strawberries and Cream
Bite into chunks of chopped strawberry in this frozen cream and sugar pop.La Michoacana makes tasty summer treats

Jacqueline Zuniga Paiz was a Simpson Street Free Press editorial intern for Madison Magazine. A West High School graduate, she is now a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.