La Follette school takes ‘safety precautions’ after report of person armed with knife

An east side Madison high school took security precautions Thursday after a report of a person with a knife in the parking lot, a school spokeswoman said.

Madison Metropolitan School District spokeswoman Rachel Strauch-Nelson said a letter was sent to families with students attending La Follette High School on Pflaum Road to alert them of the incident.

The school said it received the a report of a student with a knife in the school’s back parking lot at 11:50 a.m. School security staff and Madison police responded and found the student.

“The safety of our students is our top priority,” Principal Sean Storch wrote to parents. “We have protocols in place and our students and staff did a good job following those safety procedures today.”

School staff ensured all its exterior doors were locked as part of its safety precautions in the event of an outside threat, the letter said.