La Crosse County GOP vows to appeal lawsuit to U.S. Supreme Court

Courtesy of La Crosse GOP

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — La Crosse County Republican Party chair Bill Feehan said Thursday that he will appeal his lawsuit to overturn the election results to the U.S. Supreme Court after it was dismissed in federal court Wednesday.

“That is a tragedy for our nation. People deserve to hear these facts and I am committed to doing everything in my power to ensure that people do hear these facts,” Feehan wrote in a statement.

Feehan disputed reports that there is no evidence of voter fraud and accused state election officials of breaking the law in favor of Democrats.

“In Wisconsin the Democrat controlled Wisconsin Election Commission ignored the state constitution and state law repeatedly to rig this election,” he said.

He criticized the WEC, which is made up of three Democrats and three Republicans, for denying the Green Party candidate access to the ballot and curing absentee ballots by adding missing witness addresses to envelopes, saying both were violations of state law.

“There are many more reasons why the result of this election will never be accepted by a huge part of our electorate,” Feehan said.

A federal judge Wednesday dismissed Feehan’s lawsuit, which asked the court to decertify the election results which showed Joe Biden had beaten President Donald Trump, order the governor not to transmit to the Electoral College the certified results he’d transmitted the day before the lawsuit was filed, and order the governor to instead transmit election results that declared Donald Trump to be “the winner of this election.”

Chief United States District Judge Pamela Pepper wrote in her decision, “Does a federal court have the jurisdiction and authority to grant relief this lawsuit seeks? The answer is no.

“Federal judges do not appoint the president in this country. One wonders why the plaintiffs came to federal court and asked a federal judge to do so. After a week of sometimes odd and often harried litigation, the court is no closer to answering the “why.” But this federal court has no authority or jurisdiction to grant the relief the remaining plaintiff seeks. The court will dismiss the case.”

Former Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional District Derrick Van Orden was originally listed as one of the plaintiffs in the suit. However, Van Orden said he learned about it through social media and said his name was added without his permission. Two days after the suit was filed, Van Orden’s name was removed.

You can read the judge’s full decision here.