Kobe Bryant: Black River Falls man’s scoring feat ‘pretty insane’

NBA stars react to record-shattering performance
Kobe Bryant: Black River Falls man’s scoring feat ‘pretty insane’

A Black River Falls man broke a National Collegiate Athletic Association scoring record Tuesday when he scored 138 points playing college basketball.

NBA stars were impressed with the record-shattering performance, including Los Angeles Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant, who said the scoring feat of Grinnell College’s Jack Taylor is “pretty insane.”

Taylor shattered the NCAA scoring record last night with 138 points in a 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible.

The 5-10 sophomore from Black River Falls, Wis., sank 52 of 108 shots from the field — including 27 3-pointers — plus seven of 10 free throws. He said he felt like anything he tossed up was going in.

Rio Grande’s Bevo Francis had held the NCAA scoring record with 113 points against Hillsdale in 1954. Griffin Lentsch of Grinnell scored 89 against Principia last season.

Other NBA players are reacting, too. Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks said it’s “like a video game” and teammate Raymond Felton said Taylor’s elbow “has got to be sore.”