Knife fight between two teens results in charges

Both teens were fighting over another woman
Knife fight between two teens results in charges

A knife fight over a woman has landed two Madison teens in some hot water.

Police said the two were fighting just after midnight Thursday in the 400 block of South Gammon Road.

According to police, the two faced off after a heated exchange of text messages. Police said officers arrived shortly after the skirmish started.

Police said a 16-year-old jammed a knife into the end of a metal rod or pipe.  He told police he feared he would be killed as another teen swung two long kitchen knives within inches of his body. Trayvonta Span, 18, of Madison, was arrested by police in a Jeep shortly after the incident. Police said two long knives were recovered beneath a seat.

Both teens face disorderly conduct charges, and Span also faces charges of resisting/obstructing an office, according to Madison police.