Kleefisch stumps in Madison in last day of campaign

MADISON, Wis. — As part of a final push in what is likely the most hotly-contested primary on the ballot this August, Rebecca Kleefisch campaigned in Madison Monday.

She faces Tim Michels in the Tuesday Republican primary for governor, and both candidates have the backing of national figures — Michels supported by former President Donald Trump, and Kleefisch by former Vice President Mike Pence.

Kleefisch, however, said she is not focused on those endorsements.

“The only endorsements that are going to matter, ultimately, are the ones that are counted tomorrow night,” she said.

As she spoke to voters at a restaurant on the city’s north side, she hit some of the key GOP talking points of the campaign, including the economy.

“This is personal to me, this is personal to my family,” she said. “We had to sign a budget contract for the propane which is $20 a month more now than it was last year. We’re not the only ones. We’ve got to make Wisconsin affordable again.”

After her stop in Madison, Kleefisch campaigned in western and northern Wisconsin, finishing the night in Brookfield. At the same time, Michels was campaigning in Franklin.

Tuesday’s showdown is expected to be decided by a razor-thin margin. The two candidates have been in a statistical tie for months, affirmed by an Emerson College poll that was released over the weekend. In that poll, Kleefisch had a two-point lead, which was still within the margin of error.