Kleefisch hoping to keep job after making history

Wisconsin lieutenant governor faces recall election
Kleefisch hoping to keep job after making history

Rebecca Kleefisch is already the first lieutenant governor in U.S. history to face a recall election.

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Republican was hoping to survive it. Kleefisch is facing Democrat Mahlon Mitchell, a firefighter and union leader.

But the main target of the historic election is her boss, Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Walker and a Republican-controlled Legislature angered Democrats and unions last year by pushing a law that strips most public workers of nearly all their collective bargaining rights.

Kleefisch didn’t play a prominent role in that process, but she was washed over by the same outrage because she is Walker’s second-in-command.

Kleefisch said she’s been helping Walker create jobs. But Mitchell is accusing Kleefisch of being nothing more than a rubber stamp for Walker’s policies.