Kessenich’s launches ‘Save Our Staff’ fund to help local dining industry

GoFundMe to raise money for restaurant workers
Save Our Staff fund logo

Kessenich’s, Ltd. — with support from Madison Magazine, News 3 Now and — launched a GoFundMe to raise funds for restaurant workers.

The S.O.S. Save Our Staff Fund is dedicated to raising money to help restaurant workers who depend on tips from restaurant and bar customers for the majority of their income. Restaurant workers who are not eligible for unemployment benefits can also receive proceeds from the fund.

All of the donated money will be given to restaurant employees and not given to restaurant owners for other expenses. Any full-time and part-time restaurant employees who do not receive a regular salary and who do not have secondary jobs are eligible.

How donations help:
$50: pay a worker’s utility bill
$100: help a worker pay their car insurance
$200: put food on the table for a worker’s family
$500: help a worker pay their rent or mortgage
$1000: help 3-4 workers pay their bills

In addition to supporting the mission of the fund, Madison Magazine launched a new section of the website called “Carryout So They Can Carry On.” Right now the restaurant industry needs support, so Madison Magazine is tracking restaurants that are offering carryout options. Find a map of options along with stories related to supporting local businesses. There’s also a spot where you can submit your own restaurant to be included on the map.

Restaurants are responsible for enrolling their employees for the fund. Northside Planning Council, a nonprofit fiscal agent, will disperse payouts by check to owners who are responsible for dividing payments equally.

Kessenich’s is starting the fund with a $5,000 donation. To donate, visit here.