Kenosha residents respond to Joe Biden’s visit

KENOSHA, Wis. — Kenosha residents showed mixed reactions to Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s visit to the city.

Kenosha resident Philip McAndrew carried a large sign with Biden’s name written across it to the courthouse to gather among a group of other Biden supporters ahead of the former Vice President’s visit.

“I think Joe Biden’s message is that we need to think collectively, not individually,” McAndrew said. “We need to think of our community.”

Lindsay Weinstein who owns Gordon’s Sports Bar and Grill, said she agreed and welcomed Biden’s visit.

“He really shows that he is going to give to the community, especially to small businesses but also the families that have been affected by this.”

But the Democratic nominee’s visit didn’t inspire everyone. Trump supporter Kenneth Turner thinks Biden was in Kenosha for the photo op.

“I think it has a lot to do with being in public and helping his campaign out. He could have been here two weeks ago when the DNC was in Milwaukee but he couldn’t come then, which is kind of weird.”

Lifetime Kenosha resident Jacquelyn Jennings said she was politically neutral and didn’t care if either presidential candidate came to visit, as long as they were there to help the community.

“If he [Trump] is going to pump money into Kenosha to fix things or help us or help the police dept. who is outnumbered, that’s fine with me. And if this candidate can do something to help Kenosha, that’s fine with me too.”

Even though residents had different opinions on Biden’s visit, all said they want the same thing for their community.

“To listen, to care and to show concern,” McAndrews said.