Keeping it artsy at Zip-Dang

Small-scale makers shine at the relaxed shop
Keeping it artsy at Zip-Dang
Photos by Timothy Hughes

As you drive down Monroe Street, it’s hard to miss the bright red storefront of Zip-Dang. With its cozy decor, wood floors, brightly lit space, wide variety of products and cute French bulldog puppy named Hank, the store creates an easygoing vibe as customers check out collections by small, independent artists and makers from across the U.S., Canada and elsewhere.

Since opening in 2010, artists and storeowners Natalie and Mike Bass have spotlighted their projects along with those of other makers. “We are very particular about carrying products that truly are genuinely small scale and unique, and things that you don’t find anywhere else in town,” Natalie says.

After starting her clothing line orangyporangy (Mike’s nickname for her brightly colored orange hair) in 2005, Natalie caught sight of the available space on Monroe Street and decided to expand from an online shop to a storefront. The name Zip-Dang is something Mike’s dad, Jim, often exclaims after he tastes anything delicious.

Zip-Dang makes you feel like you’ve stepped directly into a live Etsy store with its wide variety of merchandise. But luckily, everything is already craftily curated by the Basses. The store features Natalie’s clothing line, Mike’s Madison- and Wisconsin-themed graphic design prints and their combined screenprinted clothing (featuring images of their own pets), along with other independents, who create everything from stickers and cards to bags and jewelry. Apart from a focus on smaller makers, the owners try to find eco-friendly, vegan or socially responsible products.

“I choose what I believe in. I choose things that I love. I choose things that I would buy. And I choose things that are made by people that I love and appreciate,” Natalie says.


Time to Twirl
For the woman looking for comfort and ease, orangyporangy skirts use breathable and easy-to-wash cotton and cotton jersey fabrics. $58-$120Keeping it artsy at Zip-Dang

Collect Them All
Love Wisconsin history? Pick up one of the prints from the Wisco-Mythos collection. $20-$70Keeping it artsy at Zip-Dang

Chi-Town Chic
Not only are these Mohop bags from Chicago super cute, they are 100 percent vegan made with sustainably sourced materials. $58-$158Keeping it artsy at Zip-Dang

2606 Monroe St.

Maija Inveiss is the web editor at Madison Magazine. Find her on Instagram @minniemickeygirl.