Keeping Hope For Excellence Alive

The chance for a grand Judge Doyle Square project
Keeping Hope For Excellence Alive

In recommending that the city of Madison enter into negotiations with the JDS Development company on the Judge Doyle Square project on the site of the current Municipal Building what a special city committee really did is ensure that the possibility of an exciting, inspiring, truly excellent new development stayed alive. That is no small feat. And we are very appreciative.

We recognize the competing proposal from the Journeyman Group of Austin had its benefits and supporters. And the JDS proposal is far from final. But from the beginning the JDS plan had a scope and vision and artistic character that offered the potential of something really special which is exactly what that location needs and deserves.

We get the need for fiscal responsibility. And projects must not be out of scale with other city plans. But it would have been a shame to give up the hope of something truly grand because we lacked the vision or courage to pursue it. Monday’s recommendation keeps that hope alive. We applaud it.