Keeping heating costs low during the winter

MADISON – Inflation costs and a cold snap to start January could have you paying a significantly higher heating bill. Depending on how you heat your home, you can expect to see your bill go up 30-54% this winter according to a U.S. Energy Information and Administration report.

If you’re planning to up the thermostat in your home, there are a couple things you can do to save a few dollars on your energy bill each month. But when it comes to how much you’ll save, officials said it varies based on a couple of factors.

“Heating costs are going to vary depending on if you’ve got a newer, more energy-efficient home, a larger home, so it’s really going to vary,” said Tony Palese, with Alliant Energy. “A lot of that cost is dependent on usage.”

To lower that usage, you can leave blinds open during the day, seal windows and leaks, and make sure vents aren’t obstructed. Whether that’s few dollars or a few dozens saved, Palese said the smallest of changes can make an impact.