K is for Kimchi

Six restaurants and businesses offer kimchi, a...
K is for Kimchi
A dish from Sujeo called bokkeumbap. 

Nothing exemplifies the resurgence of ages-old food traditions like the recent love for fermented foods. Take kimchi, for example, a traditional Korean dish of fermented vegetables such as cabbage and radish. The vegetables are mixed with spices and a brine solution and left in an environment where lactic acid fermentation occurs. The final product imparts a delicious spicy and sour flavor while preserving vitamins and nutrients. Fermented foods such as kimchi are gaining fans as awareness about health benefits and diversifying tastes grows. Try it served with traditional Korean food or perhaps on a taco at one of our local restaurants, or purchase it to enjoy at home.


Dragon I
422 State St.
The Korean beef and kimchi fried rice dish offers a combination of spicy and savory beef, kimchi and vegetables over fried rice with a fried egg.

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies
912 E. Johnson St.
Try the house-made kimchi on pizzas and in tacos such as the Korean redfish taco with ssamjang, kimchi, pickled melon and Acadian redfish.

10 N. Livingston St.
The bokkeumbap is the perfect comfort food featuring bacon, delicata squash, kimchi and a crispy egg.

Sol’s on the Square
117 E. Mifflin St.
The budae jjigae is a must-have, a spicy noodle bowl with sausages, rice dumplings and, of course, kimchi.


Bekah Wilce’s Farment
FEED kitchen
Available via a Pickle CSA share or at area farmers’ markets.

Oriental Food Mart
1206 S. Park St.
This Korean grocery store has all of your kimchi needs, plus lots of great frozen and fresh foods to go with them! Very friendly and helpful owners will steer you in the right direction.

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