Justin Trudeau scores basket of treats from Nancy Pelosi after winning NBA Finals bet

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau scored a basket of treats from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday after winning a bet that the Toronto Raptors would defeat the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship.

Pelosi presented Trudeau with a basket of California wine and chocolate at a joint news conference with the Prime Minister at the US Capitol.

“I’m here to settle the wager,” the California Democrat said.

“As I promised,” Pelosi said, handing Trudeau the basket, “products of the great state of California — starting with chocolate, almonds, walnuts, pistachios and wine.”

She congratulated Trudeau on the Raptors’ historic win: Last week, the team beat the Warriors 114-110 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to win its first NBA title.

Trudeau accepted the gift, saying, “Canadians are gracious in defeat and even more gracious in victory.”

He then pulled out a gift of his own, telling Pelosi, “I put together a little bit of Raptors swag — I don’t expect you to wear it.” Trudeau also presented her with chocolate he said was made by a company called Peace by Chocolate in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia that was started by a family of Syrian refugees.

“I really do have to recognize the Warriors’ graciousness and their extraordinary sportsmanship that they showed,” he said. “It was a tremendous battle between the Raptors and the Warriors.”

Pelosi said she and Trudeau had made the bet shortly after they returned from Normandy in France, where they — along with President Donald Trump and other world leaders — commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day earlier this month.

Trudeau was in Washington on Thursday for a bilateral meeting with Trump at the White House and for meetings with House and Senate leaders at the US Capitol. Trudeau tweeted later Thursday that he had had a good meeting with Pelosi, where they “talked about the recent progress made toward the ratification of the new NAFTA and expanding trade between Canada and the US.”

Trudeau also tweeted about their exchange of gifts, saying, “Thanks for the basket of California’s finest, @SpeakerPelosi. No matter who won our #NBAfinals bet, Canadians don’t show up empty-handed. @Peacebychoco is some of Canada’s best chocolate, and a heartwarming Syrian refugee success story. Hope you enjoy!”

Pelosi also tweeted about the exchange, saying, “It is always a pleasure to visit with you, @JustinTrudeau — I hope you enjoy your basket of California’s finest. Looking forward to continuing to build on the strong friendship between our two countries!”

CNN’s Paula Newton and Matthew Hoye contributed to this report.