Justice Ziegler steps down from considering Prosser disciplinary case

Ziegler filed paperwork Friday announcing recusal

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler has stepped down from considering a disciplinary case against fellow Justice David Prosser.

Ziegler on Friday filed paperwork with the court announcing her recusal. She joins Justice Pat Roggensack in stepping down from the case. Prosser has also asked the four other justices not to hear it.

State regulators say Prosser violated judicial ethics when he allegedly placed his hands around Justice Ann Walsh Bradley’s neck during an argument in front of four other justices last year. The final decision on punishment would fall to Prosser’s fellow justices.

But Prosser contends they can’t address the case because they’re witnesses or are biased against him. If he can convince four justices to step aside the case likely would die for lack of a quorum.