Justice Jill Karofsky sworn into Wisconsin Supreme Court, runs 100 miles to celebrate

BASCO, Wis.– Justice Jill Karofsky officially joined the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Saturday afternoon after being sworn in during a 100-mile run through the state.

As Karofsky completed mile 35, she was met by family and friends at Dot’s Tavern, where she took the oath of office in running shoes.

Even former Gov. Jim Doyle recognized the unusual inauguration, adding that it translates into the person Karofsky is.

“This is a first. This is the most unique of them all,” Doyle said. “She has, as we know from this ceremony today, limitless energy and determination, as demonstrated by the 100-mile run that she’s on.”

Karofsky won the election in April, bringing down the court’s conservative majority. Karofsky said she won’t bring politics into the courtroom.

“I’m going to look at every single case in the Supreme Court, analyze every case by looking at the law and making decisions based on what the law says, and I will do that no matter what the issue that comes before us,” Karofsky said.

Karofsky said her intention as a Supreme Court justice is to make clear decisions that uphold the law, and she said she hopes her colleagues can build a consensus.

“Now, we are able to continue to make sure that the voices of the people of Wisconsin are heard, that they know that they’re going to get a fair shake in their Supreme Court,” Karofsky said.

After the ceremony, Karofsky took off running to complete the last 65 miles of her race. She expects to be finished Sunday afternoon, when she’ll celebrate her victories by taking a shower, putting her feet up, and drinking a Wisconsin beer.