Just in time: Travelers make Thanksgiving destinations ahead of Turkey Day storm

A storm is headed for Wisconsin just in time for Thanksgiving travel.

Flights out of Dane County Regional Airport were unaffected for the most part, with exceptions out of Detroit and Denver.

The Drane family got in from a 24-hour travel day from Australia before rain came in Tuesday, but they weren’t worried about the impending storm.

“It was minus 10 and snowing when we left,” said Andrew Drane. “This is actually pretty good.”

Flights from Denver had slight delays, following a night where more than 1,000 passengers were stranded overnight at the Colorado airport.

� ATTN. TRAVELERS � Poor weather is causing some issues across the country, and Wisconsin is no exception. If you are flying for Thanksgiving and going through Minneapolis or Denver, your airline might be offering a waiver to get you on a different flight. #News3Now #wiwx pic.twitter.com/rpQuGCtQn0

— Amy Reid (@amyreidreports) November 27, 2019

Both United and Delta offered travel waivers for anyone flying in or out of the airport, allowing some flyers to change their flight plans for no additional fee. Delta was offering the same for people who will fly through Minneapolis Wednesday.

As the storm heads toward Wisconsin, people who were on their way out of the Madison airport were happy they got out in time.

“I really was nervous about (the storm) when I was looking at it this weekend,” said Katie Wellman, who flew to Dallas Tuesday. “Then I saw that it was going to hit us north, so I thought, ‘well maybe we can get out before the snow.'”

The Woods, who flew from Spokane to Madison, said they had no issues with weather on their flight.

“We looked at our weather, looked at Madison’s weather, everything was great,” said Nicole Wood. “We didn’t even think twice about any storms anywhere else.”

Nicole Wood is from Wisconsin originally, and she said she is happy to be able to be with her parents on Thanksgiving.

“It’s always awesome,” she said. “It’s home. It’s been home for 50 years now, so it’s always good to be here no matter what the weather.”

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