Juneteenth celebrations begin in Madison

MADISON, Wisc. – At Saturday’s Juneteenth celebrations, people honored the progress that’s been made for Black Americans and acknowledged change that still needs to be made.

Kevina Vann was one of many people who marched in a parade near the streets of FOL Church.

“This amazing holiday is a true representation of the resilience of our community,” said Vann.

“This is about honoring our legacy and also our ancestors,” said Vann. “This is a major part of American history.”

Merck Juneteenth

Governor Tony Evers stopped by multiple Juneteenth celebrations on Saturday. While addressing the crowd near the FOL Church parade, Evers stated that there are structural changes that need to be made to continue to create equality in Wisconsin.

“We’ve got to connect the dots,” said Evers. “Whether it’s healthcare, whether its criminal justice reform, housing, all those things have to be in a good place for everybody, not just for some people in the state of Wisconsin.”

As for Vann, she says there have been some steps forward to celebrate for this year’s holiday.

“It warms my heart to see people of different races and backgrounds coming together to celebrate this beautiful, beautiful day,” said Vann.