Jump off Monona Terrace rooftop prompts safety talk

Similar incident happened 7 years ago
Jump off Monona Terrace rooftop prompts safety talk

An incident in which a man jumped from the ledge of Monona Terrace into the lake below may prompt talks about more safety precautions at the Madison landmark.

A YouTube video was posted Tuesday of a man jumping from the top of Monona Terrace into Lake Monona.

The video shows the man standing on a ledge, which officials at Monona Terrace say is a finable offense.

Monona Terrace spokesperson Fran Puleo said there is a city ordinance that makes standing on the ledge a finable offense, because it is trespassing to go past the railing on the rooftop.

“The city has chimed in with creating that kind of ordinance preventing them and discouraging them because it’s a hefty fine if and when you’re caught,” Puleo said.

Puleo said building officials are disheartened by the incident and want to discourage anyone from doing it. She also noted that something similar happened about seven years ago.

There are cameras and a railing with no-trespassing signs on the rooftop, but Puleo said the incident may be a catalyst for looking into additional safety precautions.

“I don’t think we’d want to do anything to impede on people’s enjoyment of the space up here, and hopefully people utilize common sense and know not to do that kind of thing,” Puleo said. “Here at Monona Terrace we want to keep it a great family venue, and don’t want to make it so it’s fences and chains.”

In 2007 two teenagers who jumped off the same ledge were fined $400 each.

Officials with the Madison Police Department said they are aware of the video, and if they can identify the man he could face the same $400 fine.