Judge grants injunction against Heimsness complaint

Complaint filed by PFC, friends of Paul Heenan to get Stephen Heimsness fired
Judge grants injunction against Heimsness complaint

A judge granted a preliminary injunction prohibiting the Police and Fire Commission from taking any further action against Madison police Officer Stephen Heimsness Tuesday.

Friends of Paul Heenan filed the complaint with the PFC to get Heimsness fired. Heimsness shot and killed Heenan last fall and was cleared of wrongdoing.

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association petitioned for the injunction to stop the complaint for moving forward against Heimsness.

“Both sides agreed that if Stephen Heimsness lives up to his agreement with Noble Wray by resigning on or before Nov. 23, the Police and Fire Commission of the city of Madison will immediately dismiss the Royko Maurer complaint,” Judge John Albert said. “It is clear the matter will be moot if and when Sgt. Heimsness files his resignation letter as he has agreed to do.”

“His intention is to follow through with the duty disability application that he’s filed with the state, and he will follow and abide by the agreement that he entered into with the city and the police department in July,” said Jim Palmer with the WPPA.

Another hearing is scheduled Nov. 30 to make a decision on the permanent injunction.

A separate complaint has also been filed in federal court by Paul Heenan’s family against Heimsness and Police Chief Noble Wray.