Judge Grants Election Officials Extension In Recalls

A Dane County judge has granted a request by the Government Accountability Board for a one-week extension to finish certifying the recall petitions for Democratic lawmakers.

Election officials will review recall petitions against three Democratic senators, but Judge John Markson says there is no need for state election officials to hold off calling elections for the six GOP senators.

Republicans argued that they made filing decisions based on the original timeline set by Markson and that an extension would unfairly disadvantage the senators. Markson dismissed that claim.

Unless pending lawsuits delay elections, six recall elections targeting Republican senators will be held July 12. The primaries in contests targeting Democrats will likely occur July 19. The general elections against those Democrats would be Aug. 16.

The senators are targeted for their positions on Gov. Scott Walker’s contentious collective bargaining bill.

GAB officials said that this extension will give them plenty of time to get everything done.

?We’ll work this weekend, and the board’s meeting is going to be on Wednesday, the 8th, and we expect to have all the materials for the board’s review before that meeting,” GAB member Kevin Kennedy said.

Dan Hunt, a member of the committee Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch, said he takes issue with the timing of the whole thing.

“I stated on Tuesday the fact that you wait until Friday afternoon that you issue a press release that you’re going to delay a hearing that’s occurring on the next business day. That is something that is done intentionally to hide their actions,” Hunt said.

By law, the GAB needed to certify all the recall elections by Friday.

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