Jonathan Taylor shares heartfelt goodbye to Badger Nation

Jonathan Taylor waves to Badger football fans

MADISON, Wis. — Running back Jonathan Taylor has shared a heartfelt goodbye to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the city and his fans.

After three years with the Wisconsin Badgers, Taylor announced he’d be declaring for the 2020 National Football League draft, and hundreds of fans on social media reached out, to share their thanks.

In an article he wrote for The Players’ Tribune, Taylor recounted his first time on the field as a Badger, and what his experience in Madison has meant to him.

He said to fans, “You shouldn’t be thanking me. I should be thanking you, Badger Nation. You gave me a chance, and I hope that I repaid your faith in me.”

He also credited local fans with cheering the team on when they were down, converting losses into wins, which ultimately lead the Badgers to the 2019 Rose Bowl.

“A lot of people counted us out, but the school, and the city never gave up on us. We heard that. And we appreciated it. That’s how we ended up in Pasadena,” he wrote.

Throughout his career at UW, Taylor rushed a total of 6,174 yards, and completed 50 rushing touchdowns.

The 2020 NFL draft is set to begin on April 23.