Johnson votes for tax reform measure in committee despite concerns

Says President Trump promised to fix issues
Johnson votes for tax reform measure in committee despite concerns
Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., voted for a tax reform measure in a congressional budget committee Tuesday, despite telling reporters a day earlier he intended to vote against it.

Johnson was one of 12 Republicans on the Senate budget panel to approve the bill on a party line vote which will send the measure to the floor.

The vote followed a Monday luncheon meeting with President Donald Trump.

“What the president told me was we need this thing passed through committee and we’re going to fix your issue,” Johnson told Fox News host Neil Cavuto in an interview Tuesday afternoon. “When the president of the United States tells you he’s going to fix your problem and he asks for your vote I was more than willing to give it to him here today.”

The Wisconsin senator told reporters Monda y in a conference call that he specifically would not vote for the bill in committee unless changes were made.

“We are working diligently to fix the problems,” Johnson said Monday. “If we develop a fix prior to committee, I will vote yes. If not, I will vote no.”

Johnson told Cavuto he still had “very serious concerns” about how small businesses are treated under the measure but believes a fix is in progress.

“I got enough movement and assurances that we will get this fixed that I was able to vote yes,” Johnson said.

Republican leadership are hoping to hold a vote on final passage of the bill later this week.