Joe Parisi announces run for county executive re-election

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi

MADISON, Wis. — County Executive Joe Parisi announced Tuesday he is running for re-election as county executive.

According to a release, he cited the need for county government to continue coordination of the response and eventual recovery from COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has tested us, tearing at the very fabric of our physical, emotional and economic well-being,” Parisi said. “The challenges before us from this pandemic are like none we have faced in our lifetime. They also present great opportunities to do what we do best in Dane County — bring people together, get work done, and deliver tangible results.”

Parisi was born and raised in Dane County. He received 70% of the vote when he was elected as county executive in a special election in spring 2011. Before becoming county executive he was a state representative in the 48th Assembly District.

Congressman Mark Pocan and State Representative Shelia Stubbs will serve as Parisi’s campaign co-chairs.

“County Executive Parisi has shown amazing skill in navigating the complex challenges posed by COVID-19,” Pocan said. “Joe’s calm and steady demeanor, coupled with his incredible competence as a leader, has been central to the success Dane County has had addressing the virus and the economic fallout it has caused.”

“Under Executive Parisi’s leadership, Dane County has led the state with our humanitarian response to the current health crisis. Only weeks into the pandemic, the county executive put together initiatives to help renters, small businesses, food pantries and daycare centers weather the storm,” Stubbs said.

The election for county executive will be next spring.